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January 2, 2012
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End Run: Miguel Parsnip by Jeeaark End Run: Miguel Parsnip by Jeeaark
Last Edit : And then Zekrom was thrown into the dysfunctional family
New new edit: Another shiny pokemon :dummy:
New Edit: Miguel gets his shiny pokemon finally lD
Never ending edit: And then Miguel became a rogue :'I The jerk. But at least he gets a fire pokemon. He always wanted a fire pokemon....
More Edit: Miguel has got a shave because of a Shaving accident. He also got a new jacket because he handed it over to Xander, who keeps catching colds, so stop that man. So yup. Got a new pokemon too. Tot's also wearing a flight uniform even though he don't like flying in that plane of Miguel's anymore.

Name: Miguel Oliver Parsnip
Age: 35 since December
Height/Weight: 6'2"/ 198 lbs
Hometown/ Region: Cinnabar Island, Kanto
Military Faction: Air Force Rogue
Extra Items: Cinnabar Cigars / Matches

The life of Miguel Parsnip has been an easy one. Living on Cinnabar Island all his life, he had little to worry about... aside from living on an active volcano. His small family owns a seaplane delivery business that Miguel worked for when he was younger. Unfortunately, due to a business accident a decade ago, he did not take over the family business after his parents retired. His sister, Kanoe, who wanted to be a hair-stylist, did instead.

He now makes a living entertaining at the tourist resort with hula dancing, luaus, fire dancing and reckless stunts. In his spare time he fishes for shellfish, though with giant hungry sea monsters lurking in the deep blue this is not as enjoyable as one would think. However, the clam chowder outweighs the risks.

His parents are retired in Pallet Town and still hold a grudge against their son for the delivery accident, not even sending Christmas cards. It's been years since Miguel has talked with those guys, but he never had strong ties with them to begin with. His younger sister is the only one who maintains contact, sending letters and cards for birthdays and holidays, and now and then when she's not busy with the delivery business she even flies over for a visit.
He grew up mostly on his own, leading a free and independent life. Miguel has never been good at maintaining lasting intimate relationships; his girlfriends change as fast as the seasons.

Miguel has met a lot of people in his lifetime, but his favorite person in the whole world is his bud Xander . They first met over twenty years ago when Xander saved him from getting eaten by a Gyarados. Good times~ He still owes Xander his life.. a couple dozen times over now.
Soon enough life started feeling pretty dull for Miguel. Diving for shellfish just didn't seem as exciting, and the luaus were starting to feel more like work than entertainment. That was when the war started. Miguel signed up right away and so did Xander, for some peculiar reason...

Miguel is tactless when he talks, but never does he mean any malice. He just doesn't know that direct and blunt honesty is not always the right way to handle things.

Miguel gets restless easily and can't stand still for long. In fact, he's attracted to the dangers of life. He likes his challenges to have high risks, full of excitement, and speed. He'll take a chance on anything if its exhilarating.

Miguel has a positive attitude about everything, always happy and gregarious, but his violent temper will light up like fireworks if he's pushed around by those who mean ill will to him. He is a rebel who acts first and worries about the consequences later. He tries to not take life seriously, but he has grown up learning how to manage some responsibility.

Although his experience with the sea would recommend him to joining the Navy, he chose the air force because...well, he always wanted to fly to the moon. Planes are just the closest things to get there. He always saw himself more as a man of the sky rather than the sea really. In fact, he hates the sea. He only loves the seafood.
Sky-Bait / Whimsicott / Bold Nature / Prankster / Male

Taunt / Leech Seed / Hurricane/ Tail Wind

Good pal of Miguel now. Learned every trick Miguel knows and more. Still not fond of people. Joining the rogues, knowing he doesn't need to use his tricks to kill, Sky-Bait is quite content where he is. On lazy days, he smokes. Whenever he runs out, he steals more. Whenever bored, he plays tricks. Whoever has recently stepped on a nail, somehow locked themselves out, heck even the plumbing won't work, that was Sky-Bait's fault. Has recently adopted Cubone into the family. Like an older brother to the pipsqueak.

Tator Tot / Medicham / Careful nature / True Power / Male

Recover / Rock Slide / Acupressure / Hi Jump Kick

Born and raised for combat, this meditite learns to push himself past his limits both mind, spirit, and body. Meditate for three hours? Three days it is. Eat a berry for a month? Half a berry it is. 100 push-ups? 1000 it is. It has done a good toll on his body, but Tot will stop at nothing to find inner peace.

He is logical and has more common sense than Miguel and his pokemon combined. He does not possess a single funny bone in his body and sticks to the cold hard facts of life. He was to be sent to army division, but Miguel got to him first because the man didn't agree with Tot's practices.

Unfortunately, Tot was not ready for round 2, stressing out over the many near-death experiences he went through.. Tot can not only find inner piece, he has discontinued his disciplinary ways and his psychic abilities have paid a heavy price for it. It was only because of Major A. that he even evolved. He's also been given a flight jumpsuit to wear much to his dismay. He's use to it now.

Eventually, Tot has given in to Miguel's stubbornness to eat food, and their relationship has grown enough to become good friends. Or at least tolerable. Tot has been slowly finding better ways to find inner peace than nearly killing oneself with duty and success, and finds the rogue's ideals quite lovely.

Major A. / Lunatone / Quirky nature / Levitate / Unknown (deemed female nonetheless)

Rain Dance / Psychic / Light Screen / Skill Swap

Major A. (ass) is one of the many rock pokemon to be mined for moon stones and sun stones behind Kanto army's closed doors before being shipped off to train and fight. Miguel got the pokemon because he is rather fond of the big moon in the sky and having one as a pokemon...well, how could he resist?
Unfortunately, things did not go well, and Major A. showed how she felt about the humans with much violence. Miguel soon got a pretty good picture her past, sympathizing, and joining the rogues to help her and pokemon alike. The moon has a better opinion on humans and can tell the difference between friend and foe now.

Pele / Volcarona / Bashful Nature / Flame Body / Female

Bug Buzz / Whirlwind / Quiver Dance / Fiery Dance

Named after Miguel's plane, Pele is the fastest bug that warmed up to Miguel. For many years, Pele grew up in a predator-free environment in the mountains where yellow dandelions grow. When war struck, the flower burned to ashes, and Pele had to find a better home. She found a lovely farm to stow away in until the rogues found her as they too were in hiding from overwhelming odds. They took her, fed her, and trained her until she evolved into what she is now. She is a newly evolved pokemon and is quite new to having wings that catch on fire and she prefers to stick her her larvae habits, like crawling on the ground, rolling in anything yellow....ect. This bug has never harmed another living being.....purposely anyway. There have been the occasional fire accident thanks to those new wings of hers. She's got a better control on things now.

Gorgeous / Gyarados / Calm Nature / Intimidate / Female

Hyper Beam / Aqua Tail / Dragon Dance / Ice Fang

Captured by the army, Fishy never wanted to fight for the shrimps. Fishy tried to destroy everything, but they had electric pokemon. They knocked her out quite easily when she disobeyed. But Fishy could not be broken. She only learned patience and how to get payback without rampaging. One by one, each of Fishy's trainers was eaten mysteriously disappeared or died in a horrible accident of some kind crushed by fishy tail.

And when there were no trainers to tell her what to do, she would use all of her attacks, trying to escape, but never was it a success. The army finally got wise and taught her Thunder. Every time she tries to rampage to freedom, every time she uses all of her attacks, uses thunder, she electrocutes herself, knocking herself out. So she stuck to her passive aggressive ways from then on. Lately now, she's getting use to the rogues and their pokemon. She can tell between food and ally now at least.

Small Fry / Cubone / Naive Nature / Lightningrod / Male

Mimic / Boomerang / Dig / Perish Song

The little fella's life was saved thanks to Tot's efforts at Johto's prison. He stuck around to give his last paying respects until he witnessed the moon getting out of hand and tried to help. Was gonna get his own hide skinned alive if it weren't for Sky-Bait. Now he looks up to the fuzzball and follows him around with much admiration. Now whether Miguel likes it or not, the cubone is a part of their little family.

Jiminy / Mr. Mime / Quirky Nature / Sound Proof / Male

Barrier / Trick / Teeter Dance / Metronome

Jiminy was thrown into the kanto research labs for being an ineffective weapon. All tricks and no heart to kill. Scientist experimented on him non-stop until they went to far. A chemical reaction happened and now he glows in the dark. No longer wanting to go through this madness, he snapped and became what the army had always wanted. A killing machine. The rigorous training he went through was nothing like the labs and so he did not mind as much. He would have been put to good use if it weren't for Miguel stealing him away with the rest of other killer machines. So far, Jiminy has been on his best behavior knowing he doesn't have to do anything extreme, only doing what he wants to do. So far nobody has pushed the wrong buttons yet....

Mr. Gargoyle/ Zekrom / Brave Nature / Teravolt / None-of-your-beeswax

Bolt Strike / ??? / ??? / ???

Ideal Fanatic. The only right or wrong he sees whether it is ideal or not and whether one searches for it. Fought his bro over it, destroyed an entire region because of it. Now he has been discovered by Johto and then stolen for the rogues to use for political reasons. The dragon has now fallen into Miguel's hands.....May Arceus have mercy on all of your souls.
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1-Foot-In-The-Grave Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Major A. breaks my heart, yo.  Favorite Pokemon character ever. </3
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Aye, I'm glad you like the cracked up moon rock! I appreciate it bunches most definitely 
Zknight007 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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I have finally added the creepy awesome mime to the roster now. :dummy:
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I love how giant Gorgeous is in this app XD And the way they all overlap into each other's pictures~ When my pokemon start getting bigger I'll be doing the same.
You should let SB and Pele come off the page the same way Gorgeous does though~ Just upload the biggest size of this app as you have XD
Jeeaark Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Student General Artist
Gorgeous did not want to look like a shrimp in the pic XD She is quite proud being a big fishy, haha~
And yesssssss, don't let those app borders confine those awesome pokemon! *C*
I want to do just that to SB and Pele, but I never finished the rest SB's fluff, haaa...I shall do that after round 4 though ouob
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And when you do update this after round four... make it notify all your watchers HRGGG
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This is honestly my favorite end run character of them all. The personalities are so unique and feed with many quirky twists that makes them anything but shallow! Also I like the idéa that some of the Pokémon are not on good terms with the trainer Major A especially that just makes it more realistic!
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